VS+ 15W-40
For 70´s - 80´s cars

Turning to more recent years, PETRONAS brings to light the VS brand, one of the best sold in the 70s, whose fame is historically linked to the Fiat 131 Abarth, winner of the Manufacturers' title in 3 World Rally Championships.

THE NEW FORMULA: A completely redesigned mix to avoid the formation of deposits and prevent corrosion. Suitable for all engines, even those turbocharged subject to high level of mechanical and temperature stress.

The new formula contains special additives that ensure a greater protection in terms of wear of the engine and a lower deterioration of the lubricant.

Its detergent and dispersing characteristics guarantee a perfect cleaning of the engine and allow excellent cold starts and an increase in the average life span in all conditions of use.

15W-40 A3 SJ/CF -

COD. 2116

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