Olio Fiat 20W50
For 40´s - 60´s cars

The famous blue can with "the white man" by Marcello Nizzoli, the stylised sketch of the mechanic who accompanied the driver in the races of the 50s and that for more than fifty years has always been, although undergoing several revisions, the symbol of the Fiat oil alongside the motorist.

This image is so iconic to decide to make it magnetic. This way it can be attached and detached anywhere.

THE NEW FORMULA: A multigrade and high viscosity lubricant with a semi-synthetic base and excellent anti-wear properties, specially developed for engines built between the 40s and the 60s. The new formula, with an appropriate level of detergent capacity, guarantees optimum performance on high mileage cars, to guarantee maximum reliability and to prevent the formation of rust and sludge.

20W-50 A3 SJ/CF -

COD. 2114

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