Synthetic lubricant ideal for the most modern petrol engines. Owing to its unique formula, it warrants high resistance to oxidisation, the utmost protection in "stop & go" driving and outstanding perfomance whatever the weather.

    • the most actual international omologation API SM that guarantees maximal resistance to oxidation, extreme protection against deposits, optimal perfomances at low temperatures
    • the exclusive omologation Fiat 9.55535-M2/BZ, for nwe EURO IV Fiat group FIRE engines, thanks to its 5W-40 viscosimetric range with relevant Fuel Economy features.

As per OEM owner manual.
Technical Data
ACEA A3/B3,MB 229.3 Performance,SAE 5W-40,VW 502.00,VW 505.00,API SM,FIAT 9.55535-M2 CONTRACTUAL TECHNICAL REFERENCE N°F214.I05