Our History

Birth of Fl brand
FL is established as part of FIAT's lubricant division with the aim of manufacturing "first fill" lubricants for all FIAT vehicles.
The first generation of lubricants for lorries is developed with the launch of FIAT's first lorry, the 18BL.
Nasce Fiat Lubrificanti nel 1910
Ingresso nel Mercato Italiano
FL enters the Italian Market
FL enters the Italian market with widespread distribution over the territory.
As FIAT continues to diversify its range of vehicle offerings to supply growing market demands, Sezione Lubrificante begins to develop specific lubricants formulation to cater to each type of engine.

New generation oils
Sezione Lubrificante develops new generation of high performance oils for FIAT newer models - the 508 Balilla, the 6-cylinder 1500 and the runabout 500 "Topolino".
oli di nuova generazione

FL inizia a occuparsi di ricerca
Begin of R&D activities
A commitment to research commences. Sezione Lubrificante’s early efforts in research and development (R&D) lead the way for enhanced additive formulations, such as improved antioxidants and anti-wear additives, that benefit military and commercial vehicles as the Second World War begins.

G80, the first italian Jet aircraft
Applied research on lubricants contributes to the development of G80 – the first Italian jet aircraft.
G80, il primo aviogetto italiano

oli detergenti e disperdenti
Detergent oils and dispersants
The era of lubricant technology. After the Second World War, new cars are launched and lubricant technology continues to evolve. Constant R&D efforts see the production of detergent oils and dispersants with low ash content. This breakthrough paves the way for more efficient engines by reducing debris, therefore resulting in longer-lasting, better performing engines and reduced oil change intervals. Such oils are also seen as more eco-friendly alternatives.

The first fully synthetic oil
Sezione Lubrificante develops its own multi-grade and synthetic oil. These oils cover a spectrum of use, from casual to high-performance drives, under diverse weather conditions.
Sezione Lubrificante becomes autonomous and is renamed FL (Fiat Lubrificanti). FL becomes the first manufacturer in Europe to develop special oils for diesel engines.
FL develops fully synthetic oil for the first time. Adapted from aviation technology, automotive users benefit for the first time from superior lubricant formulations.
Primo olio sintetico multigrado

Inizia l´espansione internazionale
International expansion
FL starts its international expansion with Tutela Lubrificantes in Brazil and Olio Fiat Española in Spain. The expansion in Brazil also sees the introduction of its TUTELA range of functional fluids.
As new models with newer engines that incorporate improved technologies emerge, so do new collective needs arise, particularly for less pollution and more ecological compatibility. Cars such as the Fiat Panda, Fiat Uno, Fiat Croma, Fiat Tipo and Alfa Romeo 164 present a growing market and increasing demand for supercharged motor oils and lubricants with more eco-friendly qualities that emit less pollutants.

From FL to FL Selenia
FL opens a new commercial branch in Argentina.
FL leaves Fiat Group and re-introduces itself as FL Selenia. It is acquired by Doughty Hanson & Co., an independent private equity fund management company, in a leveraged buy-out transaction.
FL Selenia purchases Viscosity oil, an American company that owned a very important transmission oil additive.
FL Selenia acquires Rondine Azienda Petrolchimica, a lubricants blender and packager. FL Selenia is later acquired by Vestar Capital Partners, an American private equity firm.
FL acquires Misal Arexons, a leading Company in the production of chemical products for the automotive sector. FL Selenia is then acquired by KKR, an American private equity firm.
Nasce FL Selenia

FL Selenia viene acquisita da PLI
PETRONAS acquires FL Selenia
PETRONAS acquires FL Selenia. All PETRONAS’ lubricant businesses are consolidated under a newly established company known as PETRONAS Lubricants International or PLI. Aldino Bellazzini, former CEO of FL Selenia is appointed the first CEO of PLI. At its birth, PLI is already a top 20 lubricant player in the world with estimated sales volume of 650 million litres a year.

25 Anniversary
2016 represents the 25th year of marketing, at European level, of the Selenia brand and is celebrated with a series of events, highlighted by the slogan "Heartbeats".
25 Anniversary

PETRONAS Selenia Classic
The "PETRONAS Selenia Classic" premium line was born, an exclusive re-edition of lubricants for vintage models specifically developed for FCA engines!