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The latest generation lubricants, designed to contribute to the reduction of consumption and emissions, are very different from those used in the past and may not meet the needs of vintage engines.

The new PETRONAS Selenia Classic lubricants are formulated with the same characteristics as the engine oils requested by the vintage cars constructors and recommended by their user manuals of the time, by using the most appropriate additives and the most advanced technologies to ensure the best possible protection of the engine against wear and the formation of deposits.

Three different products that retrace the main stages of the lubricant development for the Fiat group vehicles, whose history, over a century old, is presented under the PETRONAS brand owner of the SELENIA brand, still the only lubricant for the first filling of the FCA Group vehicles.


There are cars that have driven history, taken bends over time, lit up the road of Italian design. They have become part of the world of classic car enthusiasts as well as lovers of beautiful things. It is thanks to their passion that these cars keep living and are protected as a real historical asset.

PETRONAS Selenia Classic is the new exclusive reissue of lubricants for vintage cars developed to best preserve the engines of the past by while being able to count on today's technology.

They were created thanks to the collaboration that has always linked PETRONAS to the FCA group, closely integrated with the ambitious project of the new FCA Heritage division, aimed at enhancing the models that have made history and ensuring a long view into the future for the heart of the historical heritage of our cars!
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Ingresso nel Mercato Italiano
PETRONAS & FCA between Heritage, Present and Future!

Strong from a glorious past made of great successes and important victories, protagonists of a present evidenced by a long-standing partnership with the FCA group, the new PETRONAS Selenia Classic products want to be the performers of a future characterized by technological solutions designed to address the particular needs of vintage car enthusiasts whose care is entrusted only to original products that guarantee the perfect functioning of their cars.

The PETRONAS Selenia Classic line features 3 lubricant products divided according to the year of production of the vehicle and the respective viscosity and performance characteristics.

These latest generation lubricants are studied and tested in the laboratories and on the test benches of the PETRONAS Research & Development Centre, in close collaboration with the FCA Powertrain Engineering, to meet the needs of the manufacturer and to ensure greater mileage with lower consumption and polluting emissions.

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FOR 1970s-1980s CARS

Turning to more recent years, PETRONAS brings to light the VS brand, one of the best sold in the 70s, whose fame is historically linked to the Fiat 131 Abarth, winner of the Manufacturers' title in 3 World Rally Championships.

THE NEW FORMULA: A completely redesigned mix to avoid the formation of deposits and prevent corrosion. Suitable for all engines, even those turbocharged subject to high level of mechanical and temperature stress.

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FOR 1940s - 1960s CARS

The famous blue can with "the white man" by Marcello Nizzoli, the stylised sketch of the mechanic who accompanied the driver in the races of the 50s and that for more than fifty years has always been, although undergoing several revisions, the symbol of the Fiat oil alongside the motorist.

This image is so iconic to decide to make it magnetic. This way it can be attached and detached anywhere.

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FOR 1990s CARS

The lubricant of the 1990s For fast spirits who choose the best for their timeless Alfa Romeo, PETRONAS makes a come back with the red can that Alfa dedicated to the brand, whose racing engines require highly performing lubricants that can guarantee their reliability.

THE NEW FORMULA: Lubricant with synthetic bases for engines equipped with fuel injection systems, multivalves, turbocharger or volumetric compressor.

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