Ingresso nel Mercato Italiano

Some cars travel down special roads through: myth, legend, industrial adventure. Cars that have driven history, taken bends over time, lighted the road of italian design.

This is why they have become part of the world of classic car enthusiasts as well as lovers of beautiful things.

It is for these cars that we have created "Selenia Classic", an exclusive re-edition of lubricants which, celebrating the renowned Fiat Oil and Selenia cars from the 1940s to the 1980s, revive the legend with a new formula, designed to offer the best of today for the engines of the past.


FCA Heritage is the new FCA world dedicated to the legend of vintage models.
Passion, competence and culture of classic cars are the inspiring values.

This same passion has guided us in creating "Selenia Classic", the new PETRONAS line of lubricants designed for the models that made history!

Formulate using the most appropriate additives, the new Selenia Classics are produced with state-of-the-art technologies to offer optimal engine protection against wear and deposit formation.
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FOR 1970s-1980s CARS

“The can with the road" is a true icon in the history of Italian lubricants.

VS+ was one of the bestselling engine oils in the 1970s, years of Fiat 127 and 131, but also of the futuristic Lancia Stratos.

The new formula: completely redesigned to avoid deposits and prevent corrosion. discover the product

FOR 1940s - 1960s CARS

The famous blue can with the "white man" designed in the 1940s by Marcello Nizzoli.

The oil of the Fiat 500, of the roaring years and of family holiday journeys. Truly legendary!

The new formula: a four-season lubricant with anti-wear properties, designed to provide maximum reliability and to prevent the formation of rust and deposits.

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FOR 1990s CARS

The lubricant of the 1990s A lubricant for fast spirits, in keeping with the driving passion that Alfa Romeo has always offered.

The new formula: designed for both classic and young timer cars, perfect for turbocharged and multi-valve engines, compatible with exhaust after-treatment systems.
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